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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is created to inform you of some details of our online operation so that transparent and comprehensive cooperation could be achieved. In this Privacy Policy we describe the way we collect information from you and ascertain what information we collect. Through informing you we seek for your well-grounded and fair opinion.

Referring to people doing business with us we use "you" or "your", when this site is concerned we say "our website", "we", "us", "our". It is important for proper understanding of main provisions of this PP.

We can use all your information provided with it via internet given our activity is legal and for the sole purpose of fulfilling our obligations. While matching you with instant payday loan lenders we are not carrying the responsibility of their Private Policies.

Information collected by the site:

Our site collects the following information: type of web browser, IP address, type of operating system, type of computer and web page http headers. We gather information connected with the pages you access as well.

While submitting application you should understand that it is for cash until payday providers you to it, for them to consider you as a costumer. We do not offer you information on cash till payday in return to your application, we offer it for free. The application is for matching and approval.

Minors and protection of their privacy:

Any information of a person under eighteen is removed from our site directly after being received. It is a part of our Privacy Policy and we are sure not to allow minors to obtain our services or goods.

The scheme of service:

Having completed the application form you will find yourself at the website of the lender we offer. As the process requires we send your data to the third party lender or seller in question. Once at sit of the lender you will have to attach yourself with the respected website privacy policy.

Security system applied in practice:

Your information is protected with our security system by our skilled stuff and up-to-date technologies. However, it is obvious that any kind of information cannot be totally secured. To some extend you take risk when providing information online, and although we take important steps to modernize your security, we still carry no responsibility for data loss.

Cookies and pixel tags: what for?

E-mails we send and pages of our website are likely to contain so-called "pixel tags". These pixel tags are used for statistics only as they help to find out what pages are visited by our visitors. Regarding statistics it is used for improving the quality of the site and effectiveness of our operation. Joint advertising and promotional campaigns are evaluated in their effectiveness through third party pixel tags, so there can be not our pixel tags.

Cookies are used as well. The purpose of using cookies is to customize your access to the site. Cookies usually contain information on you and are stored on your hard drive. From our side cookies are also used in order to find out the preferences and interests of our users in respect of our site and do certain changes. The process marks no certain information of who the visitor is.

Overall cookies are used in order to better the quality of the site operation.

Your opt-out rights

In case you don't want to receive communications from third-party lenders, please, submit no data to our website. When submitting personally identifiable information while at our site you have opted-in automatically. It means that you request your data with other sites.

But receiving marketing communications from third parties or when contacted by them by other means, inform them of the way you want your data shared and used.

Privacy policy changes without prior notifications
The Privacy Policy can be amended without prior notification. After the changes are made your continuing using of our service is a proof of your being agree to the changes.


If you have additional questions in respect of Privacy Policy you can use contact form to let us know. If you have any questions in general you can use contact form as well.

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This website is a middleman striving to match your needs with the offers of lenders. The site wants to satisfy your needs with the best offer, thus ensuring your financial stability and proper work of lenders. The operator of the site is not a lender, a representative or an agent of any lender. The operator set forth his goals in serving as effective and neutral middleman. There will be no promotion or any kind of advertising of the lenders that are less acceptable in your case. As offers vary among different lenders the site undertake the task of correlating needs and offers. You are to know that time of processing, approval and credit checks are the factors determined by lenders, so we cannot be 100% in each case. Lenders, as a rule, do not check your credit scores through Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. Still some payday loan lenders can get consumer reports and credit checks by means of other providers. There is no need to worry as credit score is rarely affected with such checks. NOTE! Cash advance loans are short-term loans which aren't used as long-term loans (it is the basic rule). For long-term financial solution you should use long-term loans.