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New Reform Bill – A Menace To Payday Loan Industry

2010-07-08 05:00

2008 saw a terrible financial downturn that entailed many problems for the economy of the country and individuals. To prevent financial problems of the kind the Congress is considering a financial reform bill. The bill features creation of an agency called CFPA. The agency's top concern will be prevention of 2008 situation.

Good Payday Loan Lenders Deserve Unbiased Attitude

2010-07-06 07:31

The bad reputation associated with payday loan industry is unpleasant thing for both payday loan lenders and their customers. The thing is that payday loan business is being bullied by authorities' imposing certain regulations and carrying out checks.

APR and Its Formulae

2010-07-04 13:25

APR and Its Formulaee

Payday Loan Lenders Under Legislative Pressure

2010-06-26 06:34

The main reason for detailed inspection and careful watch associated with instant payday loan industry is supposed to be high interest rates; as if high interest rates have the potential of worsening financial stability of the individuals taking out payday loans.  However, so-called high interest rate turns out to be rather normal if we compare it wi

Colorado - New Payday Lending Reform

2010-06-25 03:53

Colorado. New Payday Lending Reform

Tuesday. Thanks to House Bill 1351 Ritter signed into law, current short-term, high-interest payday loans will be replaced by 'softer' up to 12 month term loan. The Loan Reform also allows for interest rates cut.

Federal Reforms Affecting Payday Loan Industry

2010-06-23 04:58

With Senate having voted against an amendment to payday loan industry, the idea of which was based on federal committee regulation, payday loan lenders enjoy prominent victory. The state lawmakers regulate the industry on its current level.

Loan Consulting Firm - Payday Loans Are Required

2010-06-20 06:44

Legislature versus payday loan companies is a common conflict nowadays. Hardly did anybody fail to hear at least in passing the reports from this constant battle. The reason for restricting legislature regarding payday loan lenders is well justified by the necessity to protect people from cheating and debts.

Payday Loans Provide More Financial Options

2010-06-10 09:37

There is a popular myth about payday loans online. The myth spoils payday loans reputation as it convince people in payday loans being an strange financial option of huge rates and with the potential of making its users constant debtors. Myths of the kind are created due to unawareness of the very mechanism of lending short term loans.

House Bill 486 to protect people in need for quick cash

2010-06-08 07:58

Payday lending loopholes are closed now, as the Ohio House of Representatives approved House Bill 486. The essence of the bill consists in protecting people in need from violation of their rights.

Payday News From Kentucky

2010-04-02 02:24

People turn to borrowing when they are short of cash. Nowadays, payday lenders have their lion share in a loan market, together with banks, credit unions and credit card companies. But as it turns to be not every lender plays fair.

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