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FBI Warns Of Collection Scams

The representatives of FBI have stated that great amount of calls is received each day from the people who have become victims of collection scams. Scammers say they represent a law firm, FBI or other legitimate-sounding agency. They call to collect debts for payday loan lenders, and, what is really surprising, they already have vital information about people they call: social security numbers, bank accounts, and other financial and personal information. After refusing to pay, victims were threatened with arrests, lawsuits and physical violence.

The majority of victims filled out online applications for credit cards or payday loans before the calls began.FBI Warns Of Collection Scams

The FBI gives the following instructions to people: if scammers call you, the best thing to do will be to inform your bank, call 3 major bureaus and ask them to put an alert on your file. If you have a feeling that the people who called you might do harm to you, then call police. You should also consider filing complaint with the FBI.

Posted on Mon, 2011-02-07 17:50
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